MYSTERY BOX: Handmade Pasties!

MYSTERY BOX: Handmade Pasties!

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Need something fabulous to adorn your bits? Feel like living dangerously? Then put your nips in the hands of Fate!

Order the MYSTERY BOX and we’ll send you one pair of unique, reusable, handmade pasties of OUR CHOICE: red, pink, silver, leopard, red white & blue, liquid gold or flash art; all adorned with acrylic crystals and tassels in black, white or red!

Choose from heart shape (roughly 2 1/2” diameter) or round (approx. 1 3/4” diameter) and leave the rest to chance!

Available for a limited time: the moving sale 3-PACK OF MYSTERY! Two pairs of heart pasties and one pair of round, handmade and delivered to your door FOR ONLY $35!

What will the future hold for your nipples? Only time will tell!

Shape / multi-pack:
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